A sampling of some of our recent projects...

Client references for any of these projects are available on request.


Mcgilvra elementary school parent teacher association

Moving from tangled to intentional: changes to a school program led to a variety of strong reactions from the parent community, which in turn affected teachers and staff. We were asked to facilitate a gathering to 'sort things out'. Our pre-gathering research revealed a complex field of conflict, high emotions and several interrelated issues with deeper roots than the current situation. We helped focus the initial gathering on solving the most critical, immediate leverage point for change (or the most 'upstream' issue that was producing many of the 'hottest' downstream symptoms), while also helping the community acknowledge and 'park' their other important issues, to be revisited. We are now working to address these 'parking lot' issues through a positive social change initiative that both takes a clear-eyed look at the current reality, and empowers people to co-create from here the type of community they most want to have.


sinsinawa dominicans

We joined Co-Nexio in a 16-month contract with an order of Catholic Sisters whose organization includes 16 corporations plus land, buildings, programs, partnerships and communities in three countries. Our work involved complex systems change dynamics, strategic planning, leadership development, culture change and large group facilitation (300-400 people), aimed at helping the Sisters imagine and co-create a common future that is sustainable, positive and mission-driven, yet grounded in the realities of a rapidly aging and dying membership that finds itself in an increasingly complex world.



Authentic leadership community of practice

Scott is a founding member of a collaborative four-person core team charged with the design, facilitation and stewarding of the monthly gatherings of a Seattle/Olympia regional community of practice. The purpose of the community is deepening our understanding and practice of authentic leadership so that we may create a good human society.



climakaze miami

Scott is a contributing co-founder of an annual, South Florida, cross-sector, multi-stakeholder arts festival/participatory conversations/nature immersion mash-up (got that?) between artists, scientists, local government, activists and citizens around the topic of fostering greater awareness and action on climate change. In addition to serving as a thinking partner with the initiative's chief visionary and primary founder, Scott leads the process design and delivery for the dialogues portions of the events.



art of participatory leadership, kufunda village

We joined a collaborative team of facilitator/hosts to deliver a community collaboration and leadership development training to regional actors at a learning village near Harare, Zimbabwe, using the Art of Hosting/Art of Participatory Leadership model.


the natural step international

Scott fulfilled a 16-month contract as Director of Network Relations, leading improvements to cross-system communications, sharing and organizational change across offices in 10 countries for a 25-year-old NGO recognized globally as a pioneer in strategic sustainable development.

puzzle pieces photo by Jonathan Malm from Mopho.to