New Now group facilitation & leadership development
helps people along the path to better results
...for themselves and society at large.

founder Scott Perret

founder Scott Perret

  • Create Better Futures
  • Surface Collective Wisdom
  • Have Better Conversations
  • Get Untangled

We can build your success in ways that also make society better for all. How we think about things, how we 'show up' with one another, and how we do things give us our results, as well as creating impact ripples in the broader world.

We are facilitators and leadership development consultants focused on helping individuals, organizations and communities reflect on their approaches, learn better ones, have their toughest conversations well, and achieve purpose-aligned success in today's complex world.

We offer everything from single-event design and delivery to leadership development, training, purpose consulting, and group processes that surface new possibilities through collective wisdom, while increasing connection and trust. 

Whether we facilitate a single conversation or take a deeper dive into your ways of thinking, being and doing, our offerings are elastic and always tailored to you. What New Now do you want to create?

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WHAT we do

First, we listen. Then, we work with you to craft the solution that best meets your needs--from the simple to the complex.

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who we work with

We work across all sectors,
with any person or group looking to
do better for themselves, and the world.

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why we do it

When you think, be and do better, you are happier and get better results, and the world gets better too. We love that!

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